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Now that the Webinar Series has concluded, you can access the recordings of all

three parts at the following links.

Part I can be found HERE.   Access Passcode: 16%CnW!i

Part II can be found HERE.  Access Passcode: Wd7c!W6P

Part III can be found HERE.  Access Passcode: d%+*kb?5

The Florida Bar’s Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism presents Never Contemplated, a candid discussion with female judges from across the state about gender bias, professionalism, and civility in the judicial system, hosted by Judge Hetal Desai. The series is available on Buzzsprout, at the links below, and wherever you get your podcasts.

Center for Professionalism:


Apple :



Megan Silver, Tallahassee

Brittany Griffith, Tallahassee

Mark Urban

Daniel Nordby, Tallahassee

Jennifer Dawn Brown, Ft Lauderdale

Francis Albert Carbone, Tallahassee

Sean William Gellis, Tallahassee

William Dean Hall, Tallahassee

Seann Frazier

D. Ty Jackson

Gregg Morton, Tallahassee

Alyssa S. Lathrop, Tallahassee

Eduardo S. Lombard, Tallahassee

Marianna R. Sarkisyan, West Palm Beach

Lyyli Meagan Van Whittle, Tallahassee